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    August 07, 2009



    Bahaha You're Amazing.


    Thanks for the info. I just started following you becuse of some of your tweet selections and have not been disappointed yet. Spectacular.

    kristine bents

    two posts so close together - LOVE it. thanks for sharing... you definetly have a natural talent for writing.


    Love it...I think you even got pulled over on your way to church when we were at Ft. Rucker:)

    Anna A.

    Okay, now you've got me wondering. What was I wearing when we first men and dined with sexy waiter boy and TGIFriday's??

    Anna A.

    should have read AT TGIF... lol


    Gotta love ya, girl! Seriously!:D And you are not the only one who can't seem to go to bed before midnight and it has only gotten worse since having kids. :P flipping kids, i tell ya, ruining a good thing like sleep. ;)


    omg. you are too funny! i love this post. and, yes, i have seen channing tatum and he is running a close second to chris daughtry!

    amy lapi

    wow. we have a lot more in common than i originally thought. i have about 20 speeding tickets and i have to ask you to further exaggerate on this point. please. :)

    Denise Morrison

    How do you do it?
    love every word Ruth.


    you need to hurry up with your book ...

    jordon g

    Love it! Absolutely love it! I wish this was blogger so I could follow this, but I will subscribe. Great job! I'm still giggling.


    OK name my attire the first time we met! And do tell what my nickname is. I will stalk you forever until you answer these two questions.


    lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

    The reason for 21 is 1, you can't get to sleep before midnight because you're wired with Aspartame and Caffeine.

    The reason for 6 is also 1.

    And the reason you'll die of a brain tumour is also 1.

    Please, if you do actually drink all that Diet Coke, cut down.


    You're a lovely, smart woman contributing to the world, it would be a shame to loose you early.

    Read here :
    And here :


    Thanks for sharing this.
    we have a lot more in common than I originally thought. I have about 20 speeding tickets and I have to ask you to further exaggerate on this point.

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    Melanie Douthit

    Merry Christmas, Ruth! Been thinking about you. UPDATE YOUR BLOG please! xoxoxox



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