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    July 29, 2009



    Its nice to finally "meet" the woman that tweets the stuff I am thinking but to scared to say about motherhood!

    corinne delis

    Ruth I think i said it before I scan blogs on blogline but your blog is the only blog I actually read every signle word of you are always cracking me up, even my DH who just entered the room and was looking at why I was laughing. I hope you are serious about writing a book, I would buy it as a fellow ADHD-er :)
    keep those updates coming. I tried twitter and for the life of me I couldn't see the use of it.


    Lisa Martin

    you rock girl. FAce it. own it. live it.

    Denise Morrison

    I am way too visual for twitter. I like to see the goods and so I will just hang in there Ruth and enjoy your hilarious posts whenever you get around to them. The layout? mad skills girl. really. The best thing to do about the reunion? show up again in ten years and deny EVERYthing.


    freaking AWESOME photos and that scrapbook page just made me want to stop everything and create. you so rock, dude. don't let anyone tell you different.
    call or text me if you ever get bored or lonely. because i'm so there. pretty much 24/7.


    sigh. i love your blog.


    I've just been trying to hang onto to the stuff I know is true. Which is: dieting is for the birds. And diet coke can't fix everything. But it makes the miserable more easier to deal with.

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