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    April 11, 2009


    rachel whetzel

    Ahhhh I love you. :) Esp. the image I have of you stabbing someone with your Iphone. That's a good one. Thaaaat was RICH. :P


    You SO make me smile :) - you deserve good things and more! I have faith in you - that kind of humor and outlook DESERVES all things good, girl! :)


    Fat, ha ha ha. I think that bloke was a fool(I am being polite...I do want to swear)! I personally dont see any fat, man alive I would be overjoyed to like like you do after 4 children. I have had one and am twice the size of you! Sod him girl.........period!


    Baby steps, indeed. Progress is progress - even if only measured in buttons.
    Keep up the fight!


    You see, you need to skip everything & come to Louisiana!

    remember moments-krystyn

    I'm 14 months post baby and still carrying 20lbs extra, so I feel your pain. It's frustrating as hell.

    As for the scrapping goods, you could host a crop where no one brings product, just supplies and I bet that stuff would get organized really quickly.


    I'm in awe of all of your scrappy supplies. I feel so inferior. *sigh* I'd offer to come over, bringing my (5.2) kids in tow to amuse yours - however, seeing as I'm about a million miles... or at least a 30+ hr drive from you, I'm not so sure it would work too well.

    You'll get there, in both the organizing & the weight loss. It just takes time. After all, you didn't acquire either over night. If you happen to be looking for an online buddy to 'report' to, feel free to hit me up. I need some motivation to get off my couch before I look like a house in less than 7mo! (i'm due in dec with baby #6)


    dude. that guy was a freaking idiot. please tell me that didn't really happen. because if it did then *I* want to stab him with my (slightly less cool but somewhat sturdier) treo. what a jerk.
    i actually looked at your photo and thought that it would be awesome if i looked that good. seriously. just go to ponderosa or some other all-you-can-eat buffet and compare yourself to all the all you can eaters. that's what i do when i'm feeling fat. you will for sure be thanking God that you have so much farther to go to get to the point they are at. and it takes so much less energy than going to a gym full of skinny people. also, they usually have great fried chicken.


    Hey woman - you've been ScrapJacked!! Awesome LO by the way. Maybe you already knew you were scrapjacked, but just in case, here you have it! Congrats!!


    I just wanted to say that if you're fat and post a photo like that, then America must have slimmed down totally!!!! :)

    But I do understand the weight of extra lbs. so good luck with that venture.

    Can't wait to see you scrapping again, though!!! So get those scrappy supplies organized (throw away half, it helps) and show us some of those awesome pages!!! :)

    Lisa Martin

    i think you look mad sexy!

    Debbie C

    Saw your LO on scrapjacked. Better get that scrap room organized (or not). Just scrapbook! I would say it will help you lose weight, but not a very caloric burning hobby we have :-(


    You totally should have stabbed him. It probably would have burned off some calories and made you feel much better about the situation. LOL

    P.S. I think you're gorgeous, thin and a FAB blogger/scrapbooker.

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