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    March 08, 2009


    Amy Coose

    RUTH!!! I am so glad you're back, I've missed your posts! You sound like you have quite the plan, and I'm just happy to see you around! Can't wait for more updates!


    Another loyal reader happy to see you again.

    Kimberly Brock

    You Go Girl!!! You can do it!!!

    Tracy g

    Yeah Ruth is back......and it sounds like you are wonderfully motivated. Keep it up girl!

    remember moments

    Glad you posted. Sounds like you have great things planned!!


    You should seriously consider journalism!!! You are so entertaining!


    i don't know you that well...but i freaking love you. i just wish i could hug you and hang out and laugh together. because you are way more amazing than you realize.

    corinne delis

    glad your back in the land of the living, you can do it all girl go for it!


    tara pollard pakosta

    I am so happy you blogged!!! yes, i was one of the ones bugging yOU!
    I am so very proud of you! 4 kids and going back to school AND joining a gym! i have to say i am VERY impressed!!! i joined a gym too! lost 15lbs so far and have 20 to go! let's cheer each other on shall we?! keep me abreast of your situation LOL>>>>>>> huge hugs!

    Mary Ann

    Glad you're back!


    You're baaaaack! I really do enjoy reading your posts. You are the dose of humor we all need in our lives. Keep your chins up, girlie. Sounds like you've started on an amazing journey. I'm staying tuned. :-)

    Kristine Bents

    thanks for coming back! I missed you! cheering you on with all your new endeavors - you can do it!


    ahh, you're back. can you keep posting regularly, for i don't know, 8 months? dh leaves for that long Saturday. me and the brood o 5 need your inspo. pretty please?

    lindsay k.

    yeah!!! so glad to see a post by you. i come by and check to see how you and your family are doing. i know i don't "know you"...but i have missed all your funny posts. you make me laugh! glad to see that you'll be scrapbooking with studio calico kits! maybe you'll inspire me to use mine instead of just stare at them in piles around my scraproom!

    Denise Morrison

    that's a big list girl and you can do it but please post so I can continue to follow my 2009 version of Erma Bombeck....much prettier and with scrappage skills galore!

    rachel whetzel

    Yep. You freaking ROCK. The end.


    Glad to see you posted!! You have a creative way of telling your life story!

    Tammy H

    Happy to click and find an update...I've missed your posts. Love the darker hair!!

    Lisa Martin

    i put you in my favorites and checked often and am so glad you're back! you're a young thing, you can do all that and more

    elizabeth saumell

    So glad to see you are back! I'm one of those that *wanted* to bother you into coming back, but thought for *sure* you'd think I was a weird stalker chic and report me!
    FWIW..I totally think you should try journalism you are really good at it! good luck!

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