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    March 24, 2009



    You ARE thriving!


    so glad you are having fun! :) I need to get to a gym but right now I have Richard Simmons screaming at me several times a week, lol !!!!!

    Courtney Kelly

    Holy crap girl... did you update your blog twice in one month? Are you okay? Feel feverish? Screw new friends, come back, I miss you!!!

    Leslie Ashe

    You are doing wonderful...
    Way to go girl...



    Ok I am SOOO glad that Nikki turned me onto your blog becuz you are DA BOMB! :) I am guaranteed a smile anytime I read here or see a new FB update - you so rawk!! And I can't wait to see you scrapping again! :)


    Your little one is too stinkin' cute! I love her little belly! My 3 yr old has lost his, but I have an up and coming 1 year old, who soon will! Kee-yoot!

    Also, seriously funny the I'm pretty I don't need letters comment! As a teacher that totally cracks me up!

    Way to go with the gym! Once you're in a routine it's so much easier to stick to it. Keep it up!

    As for the unpacking, get a group of friends together some evening and promise them a freebie fest for helping out! Surely you have stuff to give away? :)


    Denise Morrison

    of course things are going are delightful after all!


    ole' lil miss Ruth! Love to see things going up for a change! Keep in touch:)

    lisa garay

    you are the best cute kid maker that i know ;)
    and you make me laugh.
    that's all.

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