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    November 18, 2008



    What a wonderful post! Thank you for the chuckle and well, please don't tell me you use those tampons for the severe anal leakage. ;)


    girl you are so awesome!! I love your sense of humor and this post and you are awesome!! love your layouts and enjoy the 20's girl! :)


    thanks for the laugh. Sorry, I HAD to laugh....I just turned 39 today. I'm waiting for life to begin....they say it does at 40. :)

    btw: are you sure you didn't spill the contents of MY purse??? Cause it contains the same ingredients....only I have about 10 packages of chewing gum as well.

    Denise Morrison

    freaking hysterical Ruth! Oh god we've all been there, or will be there and somedays looking in the mirror is a scary thing. mostly because we don't recongnize who we are staring at and not because of our pant size. suck fest? yeah I so hear that but Ruth you have a gift...I hope you laugh like I do reading your posts!
    It's different for every woman..that feeling you have right now, and it comes at different times (for me it was 31) but I promise it will go away at some point and then you'll feel hotter and younger than you do now...promise!!
    oh and the layouts--amazing!

    rachel whetzel

    I love you, Ruth. Thanks for the laugh at your expense!! lol You and I have much in common... but I'm a little older than you. It's not as bad as you're worried it might be. :)


    great post. Loved it. And 28 isn't that bad. I fought it too, but that fateful day in August still showed up and I turned 28. Although, if anyone asks, I'm 23.

    Jenny Dziekan

    Gasp. How do you do it? I'm laughing out loud with tears spilling down my cheeks. Trying to stifle my giggles as my 5 are asleep upstairs. thank you.


    You are too funny. I told you you need to write that book! First, size 10 is NOT look HOT!Love the layouts. Is it possible you're getting even MORE talented? As for age, my 20s sucked, 30s were great and I'm happiest at 40 plus. So, embrace the coming of 28. Trust me, it gets way better.

    Average Girl

    Love the blog!

    Golden Corral? LOVE IT. My DD fav. restuarant.

    Come to think of it, are you sure we are not sisters? Funky chunky hair, same size, kids, blah, blah.

    BTW - I added you to my roll. :)

    Debbie C.

    You amaze me with your ability to take any random event and make it freakin hilarious!! I agree with the poster who said you need to write a book. I bet you would make Oprah!! Glad to see you blogging again and love your scrapbook pages. Hang in there- it gets better!!


    Awesome! Love you Ruth. Love reading your blog, rings so true of all of us. You look great!

    tara pollard pakosta

    i love your realness.
    thanks for being so honest and keep on enjoying those precious kiddos, cause when it comes down to it, they are the thing that will always make you smile and like you said, they will always BELIEVE in yoU!
    hugs girlie!

    Erin Campbell-Pope

    Fantastic post! I needed a laugh tonight :)and I can so appreciate what you wrote since I've been there myself.



    Hey Ruth! It is so great to have you back blogging! Your posts are always a day brightner, your humor on life is a lesson for all. Keep them coming...

    laura vegas

    this post was hilarious ruth! seriously ... you have such a way of writing! and i love that first layout ... it's perfect! keep hanging in there ... things can only get better, right!

    Holly Hanks

    See... there still is a scrapbooker lurking about somewhere in there. Love your pages. And, thanks for the laugh first thing in the am. Ya' know, I think my purse is from Forever 21. Maybe I should switch it out before I head out Christmas shopping in a couple hours. You know... lest the strap break, and spill the embarrassing contents that are my life out all over the floor at Hobby Lobby.

    Stephanie Howell

    i pray we will be at the same post one day. b/c you would make me pee my pants laughing every single day.


    I am 65! Still loving life and my family. In my mind I am in my 40's and I think I have a lifetime left to be and do everything that I want to do. I would love to be a size 12! You are beautiful and oh, so talented. Gayle

    Heather Prins

    I swear this had tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks, I can so relate in a weird way! I have passed your blog onto to many just so they can read it and I even posted this particular post on my blog - you crack me up.


    ROTFLMAO. Girl you rock!!!!!


    I can totally relate to the purse situation. I was searching for my keys the other day while on the elevator at work and pulled out all sorts of garbage trying to find them. This lady on the elevator with me looked at me like I was homeless or something. Lesson I learned: Pull out my car keys before leaving my desk. Lol! It'd really make more sense to just clean out my purse, but that could take days. Hope you're having an awesome Thanksgiving!

    Sandi in FL

    You are TOO MUCH. If you ever tire of your AMAZING art gift, you obviously have a gift for writing as well. Seriously. You posted this on my 44th birthday. 21 was a lifetime ago, and 27... well, almost as long! But, I don't doubt so much anymore. Hang in there, it really DOES get better!!! =)

    Jenny P

    So freakin' funny! I am so glad you came back to the blogging world to share your humor with us. It is original and real, and although it may be a suckfest for you, I will tell you that the only direction you can go is up. So hang in there. You have definitely had a tough year - take it easy on yourself. But I'm also curious about that acai berry. Does it even work?????


    Anabelle is right. Things do get better. You have a great sense of humor that is such a gift!

    Melanie Douthit

    Ruth - you never cease to make me smile. I've been thinking of you! You look great and I love your pages. :)

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