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    October 28, 2008



    Hello! I was blog-flipping and have skipped yours for a while 'cause I hadn't seen anything new...and just took a chance and 'skipped' on by and voila! You're here! Can't wait to see what you've created lately! How's the dh doing? Hope all is well on that front! Glad you're back!


    So good to see you back...and looking forward to seeing your scrap creations! Your kids look gorgeous in their Halloween costumes...and you too look gorgeous in your new glasses....very noice!


    Seeing your blog post pop up on google reader this am made me smile...thanks!


    That god she's alive!

    I love reading your infrequent but long posts. I can't imagine your life as I sit here and freeze and it's only 40 degrees.

    Love the glasses!


    yay!!! love your post so it so good to see one and you keep it real as always! I love your kids costumes, you look awesome in glasses!! Happy happy 27th!!! Thanks for the info on the Alli, was seriously looking at it in Target the other day, now I know to stay away!!!!

    Kristine Bents

    welcome back my friend!


    So glad to see you back - I always enjoy your posts. The glasses look great and stay warm up there. Happy Halloween!


    Happy birthday. 27 is not that bad. wait 'till your an old fuddy duddy like me (28 lol).

    The kids look great. My youngest has the ON bat costume this year.

    Amy Coose

    I am so glad you're BACK!!! I've missed your funny posts, and your cutie-patootie kiddos. Now, when do we get to see the scrapbook goodness that comes from you????? Post it up, girlie!


    You know that when Friends was on and they were always happy and always hanging out in the cafe that it was stressful to people watching. So, they made them go to work and have real lives. I'd rather hear about your real life with all of its ups and downs than something you made up because it was what you thought we'd like to read about. The costumes are adorable and yes, Old Navy rocks for the costumes. And, girls with glasses rock.


    Glad you are back!!!!!!!!!!You look good and your kids are adorable

    Laura Solomon

    Well hell-ya! Ruth is back. Nice to hear it all again!


    Welcome back to the blogging world! And Happy Belated Birthday.

    Canadian Melanie

    Hello stranger (I mean that literally and figuratively!) I don't know how I happened across your blog months ago, but it's always been in my side bar of blogs to watch and today, halleluiah, you came out of blogger hibernation! Glad to hear you're surviving 27! You are a brave woman with 4 (and a half) and I love reading your musings on life. Your wit is something I aspire to! Keep on keepin' on!


    Your posts always make me laugh. No, I am not laughing AT you but laughing because you keep life real and life IS real not the glossy rainbows and sunshine posts I read everywhere else on the web so thanks for making me feel normal with my disorganized, messy life. Does that count as a run-on sentence?

    Take care and keep posting.

    Nikki Bunnell

    RuthEEE...You look great and true to form..Fascinating post! Miss ya girly!

    Nikki Bunnell

    Mel Nunn

    Hi there Ruth... Good to see you are doing well. I think the glasses do make you look smite and not we-ard at all. Oh and I dig the halloween costumes... so cute!

    rachel whetzel

    yeeees. and then there are those of us who subscribe... so that WHEN you rose from your ashes, we could be here... :) Happy to have you back in survival land!!

    Anna A.

    Okay girl, you ARE alive. ;) Bout time we heard from you. I just tried calling you and got a very foreign sounding man with unintelligible mumblage. Either Mike converted while away on tour, or I am guessing that you changed your cell number? Anyhow - e-mail me, call me, whatever the case, let's talk! And maybe I'll even drive into Anchorage so we can get together one of these days before I get hugely pregnant and tired and want to do nothing but eat Cheetos or Doritos or Fritos or some other type of "o's" on the couch and do nothing more.

    Love ya!

    Heather Prins

    thanks for making me laugh this morning!! Can't wait to see your scrappy goodness!

    Karen H

    Ruth, so glad for the update. I totally dig those glasses. I am due for a exam and may even get me some of dem "smite" ones. Too cute. Also wanted to say hi to Anna, did I seriously read pregnant? OH MY! :)

    Glad to see you posting!

    Karen, who is totally digging her 72 degrees today in Utah.

    Anna A.

    Yep Karen, you totally read me right. We're expecting boy #5 in February. What have you been up to? I lost your phone number somewhere along the way. And can't get ahold of Ruth - what is this world coming to?? E-mail me! :)

    tara pollard pakosta

    you crack me up. i do check in every week (okay daily) to see how you are.....i really really hope you are doing okay. at least you have a sense of humor through it all! dont' know HOW you do it!!!

    Holly Hanks

    Glad you're back, Ruth! I can't believe your dad is getting married. Too weird. But, yay for him. :0) The kids' costumes are adorable... especially the skunk! And, I love your glasses. Happy 27th!

    Denise Morrison

    Hurray for Ruth!!
    27 rocks...30's are better...40's, gulp even better. Love your sexy glasses, the ease with which you speak of your Dad's upcoming nuptials and those freakishly adorable children of yours.
    You are on my blog list and I would check in every few days knowing you'd get around to it at some point. You are a delight-happy, crabby, together or falling apart. Have a great weekend!

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