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    August 01, 2008



    Hang in there, you are one strong woman!

    corinne delis

    aaaah ruth I so love reading your blog, you are such a great and witty writer. You take live as it is at this moment and that is all you can do. I recognize a lot of myself in you right now, but honey life will be so different in a year from now, let's just hope it will be all for the better and a size 6 :)..........hell i will be happy with a size 10 :)



    Ruth, I am so with you. I've been there, done that, minus the bears. I understand reality changing when your mom dies. I've been without my mom for 11+ years and reality is still different. And let's face it, the fathers and husbands in our lives don't get it. Your mom must have been an amazing woman! I can tell because you are her amazing daughter. I do know that your mom would not want you to feel guilt or frustration. She is so proud of you! This I know. You are strong. You are good. You are a daughter. You are a mom. Well done Ruth!


    I so wish I could give you a great big bear hug (sorry, I HAD to go there). I also wish I could give you the day off to do whatever you wanted to do. But I can't, you are there and I am here and we are complete strangers.

    Please know that you are doing a great thing for your dad & family. Struggling is what makes us appreciate the good times and what builds character (or that's what I tell myself when life sucks).

    Take care and keep posting.

    Holly Hanks

    So glad to hear that you're still alive and kickin'. Things will get better...that's what I keep telling myself anyway. I don't think they could get much worse. ;0)

    Lisa Martin

    ahh hugs to you. Ride the wave is all I can say. Listen to the song "You're Gonna Miss This"

    Kelly Goree

    smooch. thinking of you daily. here for you...

    and dude? Mikey is soooo you!

    lisa garay

    hey sweetness...
    just popping in to see what the "ruth clan" was up to!
    you are an amazing mama & person & if anybody ever tells you otherwise, i will personally go & kick some booty.

    Jenn Phillips

    hello gawgeous. glad you posted all the gory details. your kids are freakishly adorable, like cover of a magazine!! I think Mikey looks cute with his red dye!! You are an awesome mama! Keep going and pushing through, 7 months will be gone before you know it!! love and hugs.


    tara pollard pakosta

    my heart is with you.
    prayers, hugs. and lots of good scrapping vibes headed your way....truly,girl, you are amazing. you always have a sense of humor despite your situation. LOVE the shots of all 4 of your gorgeous kiddos!!!!!


    what a wonderful mom and writer. its such a delight to read your words..even although you are having a tough time.i am sorry. i am sure your mom is looking down very proudly over you. hope the weather clears soon.


    girl you are awesome and such an inspiration !! keep hangin' in there :) ((hugs))


    YAY Ruth a blog post, remember how much I said I like when you do that ;) and of course your surveys ;).

    Girl get out of my head, half this post I was like WOW, that "is" my life, right there what she said. I like what someone said up there in a comment, "Ride the wave", I'll have to remember that.

    Things will start feeling less "busy" for you once the kids are in school, believe me I have two that will be going now to, that means I will only have one here, whatever will I do? ;) I look forward to not having to clean up as much that is for sure lol, other than that I have no clue, but I welcome it, anything is better then spending the day cleaning the same rooms over and over again.

    I am there with you on the diet thing, dont'cha wish they made that magic little pill that just takes the weight away in a couple weeks and you could eat anything, I hate the working your arse off to lose ONE pound in a couple weeks. One week into in I think, "what's the point".

    Anyways, I love the new pictures of the kiddos, the girls look so beautiful and Mikey looks great with the red dye, Girl enjoy Mia not walking for a little while longer, My DD is driving me crazy with the walking and getting into things like the toilet, cabinets, etc, and of course the climbing (eyeroll) she thinks she can climb the ladder to her bothers bunkbeds.

    Glad you posted Ruth! :)



    Ruth so sorry you're going through a touch time. Someday, when the pieces are all picked up and all is well, you will look back on this experience with your amazing sense of humor and laugh. HUGS for you!It will get better, it always does.


    So glad to hear you're making it! Stop focusing on all these things that you can't believe are part of your life and just jump in there and enjoy them! I know exactly how you are feeling, I was in the same way, then I was thinking what I would do when my life was going to begin and I thought,"what am I doing? I'm in the middle of it! Enjoy each moment....even when I have to run kids everywhere for this or that and homeschool them, 2 out of 5 with huge learning challenges and still have my sanity?" So that's what I've been comcentrating on....bring the camers...photograph the madness and just have fun with it all! Let go of all the you meant tos, and pick some stuff and start doing it! I hope you can hear my encouragement here...I'm not dogging on you...just trying to spur you on! Forget about the scrappin' if it won't come for now. One day, it will, and you'll have lots of funny photos and stories to scrap when if does. So....carpe diem...and I will too...some more! Go out there and have a great day!

    Nikki Bunnell

    Girl You seriously crack me up! What a trooper you are! You are one stinkin' creative writer...



    Focus on the important things...the rest doesn't matter. You're doing a fab job. Better than fab. And there's no shame in Mrs. Grossman's....heh.

    laura vegas

    i love reading your blog ruth! you just have this way of making me feel like i'm not alone with all this crazy life stuff. lol! and those are some awesome photos of your gorgeous kids!


    So glad to see a post from you, girl!! First off, (((hugs))). Secondly, you are doing an amazing job of being mother, wife, chauffer(or however you spell it), bed partner, beaer chaser, maid, chef, hairstylist and overall extraordinary human being. You're going to look back on this time of your life at some point and see how quickly it flew by. Love the photos of those amazing little ones. They are all adorable!!

    Sally Lynn MacDonald

    Love that red dye. He looks like a picture out of a magazine. And when you mentioned dangling pizza over Mia for that smile - I really grinned from ear to ear. It seems you are grinning and 'bear'ing it. Sorry for that - and even though the scrap mojo isn't there (poor Mrs. Grossman!), the woman IS, and all I hope for now is that you keep on keeping on -- and take a few more pictures. Every day is another one behind you and a step forward to brighter times. Take care.

    Sherry Wright

    Can I give you a huge bear hug too Ruth (((Hugs)))! ;) You're one special lady.. your mom would be so proud of you keeping everything together. I can't even imagine how hard it is, but someday you and everyone in your home right now will realize how wonderful you are.

    Until then just keep plugging along, eat an egg roll here and there, and 7 months will have flown by. Then we can both dream of size 6 jeans and the absence of arm flam, lol. :0)

    Denise Morrison

    I'm going to say it again Ruth my dear, you are the new Erma Bombeck and I love reading your blog and can't wait for more!


    Hey girl! Thinking of you! Your kiddos get more beautiful every time I see them. Congrats to your sister!


    I have to LOL over the red hair die! My son has been begging me for hair die the last few days...AND a Mohawk! Maybe stumbling onto your blog is a sign!?!?? My son may thank you!


    (((hugs))) Ruth! Just hang in there girl, it WILL get better!
    And can I just say:
    1. The bear terrifies me.
    2. The red dye is awesome!
    3. The "diamonds" are beautiful!
    4. The scrapping will come back to ya!
    5. I make the exact same face as Mia when I see pizza.
    6. Congrats to your sister!
    7. I feel ya on the school thing, all three of mine will be going this year. All day long. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with myself!
    (((hugs))) again!

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