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    July 10, 2008


    Mel Nunn

    Good to hear from ya Ruth... Yes... life could always be worse. So where does one buy a fishnet dress anyhoo?


    i'm glad to see you are still breathing!!!

    Stephanie Howell

    oh i am SO glad you are back. no one can make me laugh the way you do. glad you are surviving.


    So glad to hear from you. Your children are SO beautiful-as they should be with such a beautiful mom~inside and out ;)Hang in there, girl. You have a huge cheering section~I so wish you could hear us cheering for you. Just keep being you and don't waste a minute worrying about those who judge~they don't matter! Glad to hear you'll be posting more. You inspire me. In life and our hobby. Love ya!


    so glad you had a great time in vegas!! did you do a dance for me?! lol love your streaks, you wear them well always! :)


    ALways love to read your posts...your kids are beautiful - hang in there!!

    HUGS from TN!!


    I've missed you! Don't be too hard on yourself! You are a good person doing incredible things. Because of this your blessings are great, just look at those sweet kids of yours!

    Laura Solomon

    Glad to see you posting to your blog. I was genuinely concerned. Your kids are just GORGEOUS and you...PERFECTO any way you package it.

    tara pollard pakosta

    and your children are so gorgeous!!! keep surviving and learning and enjoying your kids!


    Glad to see you post again! Your children are so beautiful!

    You have a lot to deal with- my goodness! Hang in there... ((hugs))

    Denise Morrison

    Ruth you are gorgeous with or without streaks! Your children are lovely and your mom is so proud of you!! We are all hopelessly flawed...just trying our best. Hang in there.

    Mary Ann

    So glad you posted to keep us up to date.
    The kids are as cute as always, and I love that the streaks are back.
    Keep hanging on! We miss you!

    Holly Hanks

    So glad to know you're still alive! So, that wasn't a jellyfish sting on your bum? Or it was, and it turned MRSA? Ouch! Your kids are lookin' beautiful. And, just thought I'd let you know that Hazel told me yesterday, "I miss Roofth." That would be you, in case you can't understand the phonetic spelling of words uttered by a 4 year old. Although, I'm sure you can. She has a mind like a steel trap nonetheless. Apparently, you made quite the impression on her. LOL! Glad to hear Vegas wasn't a bust!


    Welcome back Ruth, missed you! Stalk your page often. Kids are beautiful, keep the streaks, you look terrific in them.
    Keep your chin up, like you said things can always get worse, even if it may not seem like it ;)


    she LIVES!

    Lord sound like you have been around the block and back 10 times over.

    And not to get all off track and preachy here, but I would think that asking a 26 year old mom of 4 with a husband on deployment to fill her mom's shoes might just be a WEE bit much to ask.

    Take care!


    Love to come here & get a new dose of Ruth. :) Hang in there, you rock.


    So so so glad to hear from you! {{{{{hugs}}}} and if you ever need anything, please know I am here. :)


    So so so so soooooooooo glad to see an update from you. I'm glad you're ok, even though that's a relative term. I've told you once and I'll tell you a thousand times - I'm here if you ever need me. KY is not quite sin city, but you've called it home and it's only a plane ride away. After all, what are BFFs for? :)



    ahhhhhhhh.......... it's good to have you back ruth. You are alived and kicking.... what more can we ask???



    Sherry Wright

    Oh so glad to see an update from you Ruth! The kids look great and so do you.. streaks and all! :0)

    Jenny Dziekan

    So glad you're back. Keep plugging away. We're all standing on our chairs and cheering for you. The 5 of you look amazing!

    Lisa Guidry

    I freakin LOVE your hair, beautiful as usual! So glad to see an update :) Hang in there!

    Nikki Bunnell

    Hey Girly...I can't believe I found your blog...I did not know:) I love are so expressive...

    Now to the support goods...I just love ya and think so much of ya! I wish I could be there to take your kiddos and give you a break for a day or two! Hang in there girly YOUR are 100% AWESOME. You inspire more people then you understand...KEEP IN TOUCH!


    So glad you're back! But now where have you gone again? I'm sure it gets tough sometimes...we all have days...but don't leave us! We're calling ! Are you doing any scrapping lately?

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