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    May 28, 2008



    Stupid mouse! Glad to know you're ok. This world would NOT be the same without ya! Have been looking forward to a post. Will be tuning in!!
    P.S. Size 11 or not-you're still a hot chickie!!!


    she's making a comeback!!!!!!
    gripping the edge of my seat.......

    tara pakosta

    oh man!
    don't do that to me LOL!
    i have been checking in!
    glad you are holding uP!

    Jenny Dziekan

    Please, please come back to us. As a fellow military wife with too many kids to count, I need your inspo. We're waiting with baited breath.

    Linda Beeson

    Just letting us know you are still there is wonderful!!! Love you!

    sandy w.

    i always look forward to your entries. you are missed!

    laura vegas

    that stinks that you lost your post. but can't wait to hear what you're up too!


    waiting...not-so- patiently haha!!!


    hope everything settles down for you soon and that your mouse will stop misbehaving!


    I just found you and then you had taken your "break"...glad to see you are still around.
    Your work is amazing.


    I check in everyday....miss you. Please call if I can do anything. XOXO


    Been missing you,can't wait for the catch up post!

    Holly Hanks

    Can't wait to hear what you've been up to! I'll e-mail you my number at my mom's house. We get in on June 7th. :0)

    Denise Morrison

    Ruth, you are a hottie no matter what. Hope all is well and look forward to your musings!!


    waiting patiently...well trying to! HOpe you and your family are well :)


    Tap, tap, tap...waiting. :) Hugs!

    Shawn Lahr

    Holy CRAAAAPPPP! Like you don't have enough to deal with. Can't wait to hear...whatever.

    Stephanie Howell

    Hope you are well,
    been missing you in blog land.
    jimmy is about to deploy and i need the camaradery.
    hope you "see" you soon.

    Anabelle O'Malley

    Miss you, friend!!!! Come back soon!

    lisa garay

    oh... i hope you're ok!
    big kiss----------> muuuuaaaaah!


    Girl where are you? :( I hope all is well and you update us soon. We all miss you!



    Hi Ruth! You are definitely missed at Label Tulip! But please take care of what you have to right now... I am hoping that things are getting better!

    Miss you!

    Sally Lynn MacDonald

    I keep checking back because you are my favorite dose of reality, girl. I hope you didn't chuck the mouse out the window!

    Leslie Ashe

    I need my daily dose of Ruth! :)

    Now, where's your mouse again?

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