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    April 21, 2008



    OK, so you must know, that I am sitting here LMAO!!!!! You crack me up! Guess mainly as one mom to another it is ALL ~SO~ true. I think I can.... and I will sign your petition on the pizza. Keep up the weight loss! I'm at 31.5 lost, but have much farther than you to my own goal. Your LO's friggin ROCK, as usual!!!! Molly is quite cute. I could see how the kids would want to give her some love. Snort. Hope you have a great week. Forward we must go.


    I think you can I think you can! I'll sign your petition for pizza if you sign mine for tacos. And at least your kids can have tantrums off the floor, mine always throw their bodies on an invisible grenade for the full "look at my mom, she sucks" effect in public places...

    Wendy Reed

    Girl... you are totally ridiculous, I love it! LOL

    You can do it with your weight, I know you can! COME ON GIRL!!! Whoot Whoot! Don't make me start sending you nakey pics of me... bwahahahahaha.

    Ummmmmmm yeah, we didn't clean our windows much either when we lived there. LOL I was NOT about to freeze to death for the sake of seeing wth was going on outside.



    DANG! Look at that Moose, wouldja! (and YES, I mean the one outside the window ;)) I miss you girlie and I love getting these updates from you. I only wish it were going more smoothly for you. I'm always here if you feel the urge to reminisce about KY springs ;) XOXO


    lmao at your comments. facing the world w/a smile and snort is the way to go. beats crying because i don't cry pretty, although as gorgeous as you are you could probably pull it off. love your lo's as usual. and molly the moose - kids. kinda makes you understand why some species eat their young. lol!

    Denise Morrison

    once again I have spit most of my evil beverage on the computer screen because laughing that hard would have made me choke if I didnt spit! Ruth....oh the cleverness of you!! I live for the days you lock yourself in the bathroom and update the damn blog..and with eye candy to boot!! You will get to 140, the snow will melt, the wild animals tamed and your layouts? My heart is a little racey right now and I need to go so I can calm down...YOU are AMazing!

    Shawn Lahr

    Are you freakin' kidding me??? Those layouts rock for one thing.

    You are just amazing. Your writing is incredible.

    159??? I would kill for that at this point. SO, CAN do it!!!


    First..I LOVE the layouts! Awesome work!

    And I can completely understand the fear of the moose..we get those here in Washington too.
    Right up in our yards. Looking at the bumpers of our cars. Scaring the crap out of us.
    But they are really awesome aren't they?

    As for the've made it this far, you can get to your goal! (and where is the petition for the pizza..I needta sign it.)


    You can lose the weight, girl, and eat pizza. :) I eat two pieces of good, cheesy, high-crusted pizza a week, and I seem to still be losing (for now). LOL!


    Let me go ahead and throw a stick at you for thinking those layouts aren't fantastic!
    Alaska- I might cry if we ever go stationed there, LOL @ the moose!

    Tina Aszmus

    Hey Ruth, lurked on your blog for a bit but had to chime in about the petting of moose. I, as an adult, am way more scared of these things than when I was a kid. Our first year here we were feeding moose from our deck and petting it as if it were a horse until our neighbors saw what we were doing a scolded us. That damn moose came back for a week looking for apples from 2 clueless AK newbies. anyhoo, your scrappies are fab!

    Leslie Ashe

    DANG! Now that's what I call a MOOSE! LOL!! That's hilarious!

    Oh are always inspiring me and you did it AGAIN!! I LOVE your layouts! WOW!!!!!!! Fabulous stuff girl...

    BIG ol' hugs for you...

    Anabelle O'Malley

    Wow, check out that moose!!! Only in Alaska! LOVE the layouts. They are amazing. And as for the weightloss, you can do it. Eat that pizza, too, there's plenty of calcium and lypocene in there. ;)

    Erin K

    I'm not sure where I found you... clicked one blog, clicked another, you know how it goes. Anyhow you are WICKED funny, really super talented. You have beautiful kids and great hair.

    I can't wait to see what you create next!


    Kim F.

    Hi, Ruth! I am a face from the past - from our Eye Candy Kit days! I've always been inspired by your work. I was perusing your blog today and stumbled upon some of your past layouts. I just loved the flower treatment on a layout with the title, "Bloom" and I created this card (link below.) Hope you like it! I want to turn that pout into a smile:)


    Brenda Hurd

    lurker here too - just wanted to throw the stick at you too for thinking those layouts are not worthy - they are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for making a girl laugh!

    Pandachu aka Jessie

    UR writing is incredible and ur creativity rocks! My first time to ur blog but it certainly wont be my last!

    Holly Hanks

    Well, I still LOVE your LO's. I have no idea what you're talking about...what is this "non-postable-ness" you speak of??? They're gorgeous! And, from one Alaskan to another...I had to laugh at the moose story.


    How are ya? Miss your posts -- hurry back:) Hope all is well.


    Just a lurker, not even sure how I got here but enjoyed your blog and esp the moose!!



    I hope all is well with you Ruth. I think your layouts look fabulous! I can't wait to see more!


    Kimberly Kwan

    YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hey ruth........come back! miss laughing at your witty take on life.


    you don't know me ... i don't know you, but just have to say those are layouts are gorgeous.

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