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    April 07, 2008



    I recently just subscribed to your blog, and love it. Keep your chin up. I can say I have personal loss as well and instead of typing here, I jusy want you to know it will get easier. In your OWN time. No one elses. Stay happy. Look at positive things. You do posess many treausures. Not to say there is never any negatives, but look at the good! I also got hooked on LT(through your blog) and will be getting my first kit this month! WOO HOO!! Can't wait to see more of your fantabulous work, girl!

    Courtney Kelly

    Girl, I freaking love you. But shut the eff up about your "fatness" you are one helluva hot woman, everyone knows this but you :) And yeah, that white fluff or whatever you call it... needs to go. I got contact frostbite this morning trying to get my windshield wiper unstuck... lol.


    I can't wait for the new lay-outs. Your work excites me (hey, I am 65, something should). I don't know how you do the 15 people thing but God Bless you and take one minute at a time!


    When you figure out about the arm flab let me know too. Too bad scrapping doesnt fix it....hee hee.

    Have a great day!

    Shawn Lahr

    Arm Flab --- Weight Loss - Michael Thurmond's Six Week Body Makeover!!! You get to eat all the time AND it works! I'm just saying...give it a try!!!

    You're gorgeous!!! Plain and simple.


    I need that arm fitness plan too! It's downright frightening when I wave...people scatter..they don't want to be in the path of destruction.

    (((hugs))) to ya will get easier. (or so I'm told) Can't wait to see your new pages!

    Sherry Wright

    I just love reading your blog Ruth, sorry about the snow. Arm flab.. lmk if you figure that one out I need a miracle too. ;0)I can't imagine how tough it must be to not have your mom beside you, but I'm sure she's looking down and oh so proud of the awesome daughter she raised!


    Thanks for the update. I hope spring arrives for you soon. Love seeing photos of the kids. You all are sooo beautiful!


    bleck I hate all that white crap. i'm sending you my heat wave....lemme know if ya get it! Keep us posted on how Charity does with all the appointments! I'm with courtney on shuttin the eff up about the more time.....your smokin hot! I cried when I read about your mom. I can't even imagine what you are going through but I know you are one heck of a woman and that you'll be ok. I can't wait to see some layout-age..esp of you!! Mia is friggin adorable!!! {{GIANT KICK IN THE ARSE}} (just tryin to help you get in the mood to workout!!)

    Denise Morrison

    oh my make me laugh so hard that at my age I almost wet my pants (note to self: more kegels) You are so lovely!! I will leave you with an Erma--

    "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me."

    You are doing fine Ruth...just fine! I think you are AWesome!


    Oh that's wonderful. I'm all teary eyed reading about your Mom, then BANG- outta nowhere, a kid eating crap out of the couch and my Pepsi is all over the keyboard. I LOVE IT!

    Debbie C

    I came across your blog from the LT site, and I must say, i'm not really a blog reading kind of person, but i am totally loving your blog. Your wit is great and your honesty about life is refreshing. Love your pics and your LOs. I have a title for the last one of Mia for ya-"Good Eats" hehe. Anyway, all I can say is more...please.


    you need to write a book ruth really. you should.


    Wow, you are a really amazing person Ruth. I stumbled across your blog tonight - through stumbling across someone elses blog - that I really don't remember how I came to stumbled across (in other words, I got lost...hahha - but am so glad that I did!). After spending just a short amount of time reading your blog, I figured that I really, really like you!, you are full of humour, wit and incredible charm, you're honest & have such a way with words! I think I will be visiting your blog quite please keep more coming! And as Debbie really should write a book!


    oh sister - where are thou???!!!


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