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    February 01, 2008



    I've had days like that!! hehe I am glad you are back.


    Love it, life is so much more interesting with children!


    Good morning! I am praying that you woke this morning with that rainbow in your head and on your life today!

    Kids add so much to our lives and your a blessing to every one of them!

    laura vegas

    ahhh, ruth ... i want to run over there and take you for a girls day out! lol! and i know i shouldn't be laughing at your terrible, god-awful day ... but you give me no choice! once again, your story-telling abilities are just amazing! and i'm cracking up at mikey's lunch ... that's hilarious that he had a can of spaghettio's in there. although, that would be a tasty lunch!

    sending hugs to you ... and hoping today is a better day! try and keep the sanity intact! and btw ... were you thinking of shaunte's blog (this too shall pass)?


    you poor thing. i still think you should give writing a book a go. your style reminds me of erma bombeck-okay, google her, cause now i know i'm showing my age!'s hoping for happy trails ahead of you. keep your head up and keep moving! also, have you heard of tammy trent? you might google her, too. she has inspiring story/testimony you might enjoy reading/hearing.


    I'm agreeing with could totally right a book. I'd laugh and I'd cry and totally recommend it to all of my friends! Everytime I post to my blog I try to write Ruth style...but it never works! I hope that tomorrow is better for you! lots of love and hugs!

    Tammy H

    I love the story about the lunchbox. And the fact that you took a photo is hysterical and means that though it may feel like you're barely keeping your head above water, you haven't lost your sense of humor in it all. Thinking of you :)

    Katherine B

    I absolutely love visiting your blog! You are hysterical!


    Hi R

    ...and through it all the sunshine of your humour radiates through! What a talent you have...not everyone can write like need to be thinking of characters for your'll be a bestseller! And here's to the brighter sweeter, post-potty-training days ahead!


    Kelly Noel

    ruth, you poor thing! love that you can see the humour in all this!


    hang in there, it will pass :) ((hugs))

    Denise Morrison

    I know you dont know who the **** I am but let me say this, you my dear are freaking funny. I mean need to write a book. You are the Erma Bombeck of your generation (which is a generation removed from mine)You are bright, funny, sarcastic, irrevrant, and have a true and noble heart with all of your self admitted flaws. You my dear are a delight!

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