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    February 20, 2008



    OH my goodness girl you have summed up my feelings about scrapbooking beautifully! Some people have REALLY got to get a life and remember the golden rule! THat site is no more than idol gossip by someone who must not have good things in her life. I don't care HOW she justifies it, it is not right to talk about people.

    Mike is right, scrapbookers are mean at times. You just have to remember the good ones. the ones that support you even when you are not on DTs!

    I totally understand your need for a good deadline. I feel the same way!

    Have a great day!

    ps. i am glad mike is fine.
    pps. I love her highlights!

    Wendy Reed

    HA... I don't read that blog any more. I figure they can say what they say about me it doesn't hurt. They obviously don't know me! :)

    Good for you for not taking it to heart!


    corinne delis

    woohoo go ruth go ruth! love ya!


    Mary Ann

    Go Ruth, Go Ruth, Go Ruth!
    Don't let 'em get you down, it's just not worth it.
    Can't wait to see some of the layouts you've been working on. You know, the ones of your 15 kids. LOL


    ROFL at Mike's "paper people" lolol Gotta love a well-grounded man ;)

    And know you'll be my BFF always, even if just for the KY thing, but really for a whole lot more. :)

    Hugs and thinking of you!

    Denise Morrison

    I heard about it through the grapevine...pretty funny. Ruth, you are wickedly talented and I dont give a rats rear end why you scrap I just love seeing what you come up with next. I remember back when my boys were toddlers and we would be at the park, library, where ever and I'd be chatting with the moms and the ones that had shocked looks on their faces when you actually admitted how miserable some days were....the mothers that had an answer for everything...the ones I avoided like the plague...they are probally the ones posting smacks. You gotta wonder whats in those dark closets. Have a great day Ruth!


    Well put.
    Love the 'paper people' reference, sad but true.
    Keep on scrappin and maybe share a layout or two? I miss seeing your stuff on "a million DT's".

    Rachel Whetzel

    well, I don't know you well enough to call you a "friend" but I can say I totally HAVE done my kids hair and they are *gasp* BOYS!!! I also don't put ANY stock in anything smackish, because even the legitimate issues get swallowed up by the pettiness of it all. I LOVE your writing, and your sense of life's importance. That's why I keep coming back! Congrats on being "big" enough even WITHOUT all your fancy schmancy DT's to get on the Smack list!! AND good for you for saying something.

    Lisa Guidry

    LOL, girl you are too funny. People are so pathetic, you just have to laugh! Love all the highlights you girls got ;) Beautiful as usual!

    Lisa Guidry

    LOL, girl you are too funny. People are so pathetic, you just have to laugh! Love all the highlights you girls got ;) Beautiful as usual!

    Tammy H

    Sing it, sister. :)


    hear hear!
    keep your chin up dear, you rock!


    i am glad you found tallyscrapper.


    Funny when I started reading this I began to think "No she didn't go there with smacking back.." but you know what? I did it too. Although I was never in any league at all, I got smacked myself. And I smacked back on the smack itself. Because you know why? It was lies. And you can say a whole heck of a lot about me, but lying about me isn't something I stand for and I see that you do not either, which totally rocks!

    No the majority of the world does not understand deployments especially if they haven't lived one and trust me as I totally understand them {even though my man doesn't go for as long as some, 4-7 months long is not fun in any way shape or form.} Or understand the why of why you scrap, or how you truly really lead your life, what you wear or how much or less you are highlighting your kids hair...

    What the issue here is, is that folks have nothing better to do then smack. Honestly, if they could only walk in your shoes {and I say your as a general term for everyone who lives a REAL life} and saw the real person instead of what they think they see or wanted to see then they would actually REALLY know...

    I don't even know you Ruth and honestly prior to finding your blog off of another blog and realizing that you and I had quite a bit in common I never knew who you were. But I know that I like who you are regardless if it was now, before when you were popular, what you scrap, or how many times you highlight your kids hair. Bottom line is that I come here and read into your life because you are real. Can you imagine how Jesus felt walking through the streets realizing that folks thought he was fake too? I believe in my heart of hearts aside of what we know in the bible that Jesus was real. A real live person being real, acting real.

    Just as much as you are. That's what I admire you for, the real of you. You are that testimony to real as real as it gets. And you know what? Jesus knows it too sister! Stay true to him, and that will continue to shine through.. Your work, your kids, your marriage, your friendships and beyond!


    You go girl! Keep it real!!

    Nicole N.

    well said. i agree with everything you said.

    laura vegas

    i finally learned to stop reading that blog. no good comes of it. i think it's awesome that you stand up for yourself ... even though you don't owe anyone any explanation!

    and i'm with you on the scrap stuff. i don't just scrap for the memories either ... it's more a creative escape for me. and i do tons better knowing what i need to do and when to have it done by. i get what you're saying!


    WELL said Miss Ruth, well said! Soooooo you said you have been making some new layouts.... well post them already girl we want to see ;) As for the highlights, I think you both look fabulous!!!


    Linda Beeson

    Well I love you and I so respect you! It takes a whole lot of something to keep four kids in order while your DH is away. That has to be hard on all of you, but your country does thank you!! LOVE to see your stuff, LOVE to see your kids (streaked hair and all)they are just adorable!


    You rock Ruth! Say it loud and proud girl! Who gives a crap what they say.. they ( whoever "they" are, because the cowards use anonymous names)don't know you or your family. Thanks goodness you have a REAL life and much better things to do, even if it is highlighting your daughter's hair GASP! Which is awesome by the way! ;)


    Ugh, seriously???? So glad I stopped reading that crap 7 months ago. UGH. Seriously. You go girl, some people just have no time for anything then to put others down.
    And, if this starts anything for any of us who stick up for you, my god, seriously, people, it's time to look around and, instead of degrading someone else's life, please, take a chill pill.
    You go girl! Seriously, you just go!

    Laura Solomon

    Yeah. Foul Mouth here :>)
    Congratulations on your initiation to the hell that is ScrapSmack :>)


    Ruth, you crack me up, girl! Love this post - not because unfortunately you're getting smacked on, but because you just brush it off of your shoulders and I bet that drives those rude, jealous meanies nuts! Hee hee! ;) I love what Mike said and it's oh so true. It's pathetic what some people will do with their free time. Ugh. You know that I think you are fabulous, talented and sweet and you make me laugh all of the time and those booches wish they had what you have. Don't let them steal your joy! Love ya, girl! Hugs!!

    tara pollard pakosta

    i don't read that blog very often til somebody posts about it and i remember about it....and then i can never find what they were telling me about anyway, cause really there is just a bunch of bs jibber jabber going on.
    sorry they said anything mean about you. i think you are a freakin' saint girlie>!
    take care of yourself!
    and go scrap!


    GO RUTH!
    It's jealousy plain and simple your right you don't own anyone an explaination but I know it sure feels better to explain your self speaking from experience on that one LOL.
    Chin up and take care your friends still love you and please thank that wonderful husband of yours for defending our country.

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