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    February 13, 2008



    Love this post, Ruth. :) Been thinking of you and hoping things are going better. I'll continue to think good thoughts. I love your humor through it all though. Kids DO make it all worth it no matter what, don't they? I could have the worst day and then my daughter comes up to me and says, "You're my buddy" and everything is made right again. I love that. Love the scrapbook page (DO MORE) and love the hair, too. That last photo is so sweet, too. Hugs to you my friend. Here's hoping that things get better and better each day. :)


    you're too cute miss ruth! i love your sense of humor and i'm totally diggin that layout. BEAUTIFUL my friend!

    tara pakosta

    your hair looks CUTE!
    chin up girlie!
    i lOVE your layout!
    take care of YOU, i know that must be hard right now!


    Forgive me Ruth, I have been reading but leaving no comments of late! Bad me, I blame the morning well 24/7 sickness!
    Just wanted to say the colour and cut are cute and the layout is delish!
    Take care xx


    You don't scrap, and then manage to create such and amazing layout. you truly are a giften girl.....with kick butt hair! Have a great day! :)

    Denise Morrison

    Love the hair..on both of you! The scrapbook page is awesome and please do more because I get so happy and wonder how you even think of the stuff you do.


    Very well put. And I like your daughter's highlights, tell her I say that they are bee-ooutiful!


    I love the page and I'm not kissin' butt, it's a piece of art! Very creative! I hope it felt great to do it!

    Since when does it matter what others think? I thought all that mattered was God and what He thought!

    I say this because girl you do what you do because you do it and don't look back!!!

    p.s. the highlights rock!


    Happy Valentine's Day, Lovely. Thinking of you :) (and fabu page btw :))


    Lovin' the highlights! (on both of you) And your layout is gorgeous. Only you could take a hiatus and come back in full force like this! Keep hugging those kids...they'll get you through all of this. ;)

    Sue Sume

    Good to see you bloggin' again. Take care of yourself.


    Hi R...another wonderful chapter! Love your new do...and I love your little one's foils...very cute! bx


    oh how you make me laugh girl! i love the hair! and I LOVE the page! I may have to lift that one!


    YOU ROCK! hair, layout the whole nine yards! awesome work


    you crack me up! love that scrapbook page. i so wish i had your mad scrapping skills! hope you and the family have a great weekend!


    Ruth, I wish I could be there to help you out. Having a dad who, also, a mere 6 weeks after my mom passed away, swore he found a new love, a love, that hates children, and who is still with (and is Satan, oh yes, this is Satan), it makes it, well, harder. They will give you excuses, (the dads), saying well, I don't have anyone,'s hard. Especially if you were close to your mom. And looked up to her. And all you want is her, not this THING, not so soon.
    So, seriously, anytime, I am here.

    Kelly Noel

    loving your new do! looks great! and love to see you scrapping!

    hang in there!

    hillary heidelberg

    hey cutie. love the hair. and your daughters. hugs.


    I found your blog through a comment you left me..just wanted to thank you. I have no idea why youre the leper of scrapbooking..i stay away from all the drama..but hope you keep making more fabulous pages


    You are beautiful. I miss you. :) Hugs.


    I love the scrap book fotos. Who cares if there are only one foto in each one of the pages. It looks great.

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