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    September 13, 2007



    Don't you just LOVE Hobby Lobby? I was @ mine yesterday and got some AC Thickers on sale - yay! I didn't see any Love, Elsie goodies though. :-(

    P.S. If I lived nearby I'd help you pack and get ready for AK. Hang in there!!


    Good for you! You deserved to have a day to do what you wanted... and you are allowed to express yourself too! way to keep your chin up dear.

    Amy Coose

    So glad you took a day for yourself!!! You so deserve it!!


    Good for you for pampering your self and doing for you, don't you just love when you can do that. You sound very strong Ruth, in my eyes you are wonder woman, the girl who can do anything! Hang in there girl, your doing awesome!


    Nicole N.

    You deserve to be treated every once and a while!!! I totally know the feeling, and I think I too purchased the same Winnie the Pooh pants for my DS#1 a few years ago. LOL

    Tammy H.

    Pretty toes!! That pic of Mia along with your description is hysterical! Keep on keepin' on!

    Ronda S.

    ROFLMAO @ "bunching at the muffin"!!! OMG you are too funny! Hope you dont mind if I add you to my blog list! LOVE LOVE LOVE your work too, by the way!

    Molly P

    I just saw that he is leaving and I am so so so sorry, Ruth! {{{{HUGS}}}}!!!! It's never easy being the military wife, but we trudge on and a bit of retail therapy is always in need! :D Miss you


    oh sure. dump me for nichole already ;)

    Laura Solomon

    Ruth, I just got back from a week out of town to read your (always amusing) blog. I read about Mike leaving back for Iraq and WOW... sorry. I can't imagine doing 15 months THERE or with 4 kids in Alaska :>)
    BUT------> you are a strong and wonderful woman and Mike is a capable Soldier well protected by God :>)
    My thoughts are with you.
    Keep strong.
    xox LL


    Yeah for shopping goodies. Those punches ARE THE BEST!!! No doubt! I can't wait to see what you do with the Love Elsie please post some! And I can relate on shop for everyone but you...but lately..Old Navy is my friend! :-)

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