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    September 28, 2007


    Kim Moreno

    Well Ruth... I love ya cause your a member of the muffin club, you rock the cardstock, and your just a fun gal! :)

    Amy Hummel

    LOVED this entry! People love you because you're real. You have the same struggles as the rest of us stay at home mommies... and sahm's are the only people that understand other sahm's!

    ... and although I do like to occasionally bake bread... I do it covered in flour... and I rarely get my mess cleaned up afterward!

    I leave my laundry in the washer too long, and have to rewash it to get the mildew smell out.

    I *forget* to put the dishes in the dishwasher until dishes are flowing out of the sink and onto the counter. Either that or when I'm out of spoons.

    Lunch often consists of microwave nuggets, or PB&J sandwiches (today we actually ate doughnuts)...

    We're definitely real here!!!

    laura vegas

    what a totally "real" post ruth! i honestly don't even know how i came across your blog ... but i do know that i've been back every day since that first time. several times a day to be honest. lol!

    why do i come back? i love your take on life. everyday stuff that we moms deal with ... but you put such a sarcastic, humorous spin on it all. i love that you just put it all out there and don't give a hoot about what anyone thinks. i love your pics of your cute kids. and i love seeing your layouts ... i just love this new one ... the colors are just awesome!

    keep doing what you do ... and telling it like you tell it! it's real ... and i love it!

    Mel Nunn

    Well I have always loved your work, since I first stumbled across it at scrapgal, and then I found your blog. You always make me giggle with your quirky ways to tell a story and the way you can scrap up a storm. You just seem one of those genuine type of people. Likeable. I guess you are the real Ruth :o)


    I first came because I wanted to see what you had to say about scrapbook design etc. I started reading your entries and realized that you were really honestly funny. I love your sense of humor and the fact that you are okay with admitting life isn't perfect.

    Mary Ann

    I came for the scrappin and stayed for the love.
    Thanks for making my day, and everyday Ruth.


    Love this entry, Ruth! :)
    I love ya because you ARE real and you are so witty! ;) I think those two qualities are so great to have in a friend. Oh, and your scrappin' rocks, too. :)


    I love you for all of the things you mentioned: "My looks, my charm, my wit, my sense of style." And I also read your blog because I think we would be great friends! I imagined us shopping at Kroger and we would notice each other across the diaper aisle with numberous children clinging to us and we would become instant friends. But now that you are leaving Texas for colder pastures, I will continue being your blogger stalker, I mean blogger friend. You really make me laugh, encourage me, and make me feel like I'm not alone with your writing. You are talented. And you are real. That's why I'm here!


    Oh Ruth, you are a daily dose of reality, the good, the bad and everything in the middle. You say things that we all think, but may not say out loud. I found your blog linked on another I read, and have been hooked since often checking daily for updates. Thanks for being so real, and helping me get through days I thought no one else could understand.


    Great post! I love that you tell it like it is. Life is not perfect, but the trick is to enjoy it along the way. Thanks for reminding us to keep laughing!


    I first came here for the scrapbooking. But what keeps me coming back is that you are a talented and hilarious writer. Fiction or non-fiction, real or unreal. I hope that one day you will consider publishing your blog as a book. "Learn to Swerve: Road Trips in Motherhood and Life".

    Julie Hickey

    Ruth, I don't know you, but I do know that you are hilarious and are REAL. It can be so tiring trying to live up to the Pottery Barn image, and who really wants to? I'd rather be covered in sand from the sandbox or glue and paint from the craft table anyday. You are one of "US". LOL!!!! You need to create a "muffintop gang" t-shirt and sell them. You'd have a posse all over the world :)

    Cathy K.

    You certainly keep it real, make me laugh, and sometimes cry, but it's all good. You are an inspiration in more ways than you know.


    I love your whit, and your rocking scrapping style....and I can say I met you way back when..


    I love your whit, and your rocking scrapping style....and I can say I met you way back when..

    Lindsay K.

    i have no idea how i originally found your blog. it was one of those i clicked on a link to one blog and it went to another and another and then yours! anyway, i come "check in" every week or so and you just crack me up. i love the way you create your scrapbook pages. i wish i had one-tenth of your talent! your husband doesn't need to know why we all like you........he just needs to know he is one lucky man!

    Ronda S.

    Well, one of the reasons I am drawn to check out your blog is you ARE real. We can all relate to you and sympathize, or offer support, or even realize we are not alone. You are brave to actually put out there your struggles and life's challenges. You are willing to tell it like it is, whether its good or bad. Flaws and all for all the world to see/read. That is admirable alone.
    On top of that, I believe you are a very talented gal!


    I love coming here and reading your everyday garbage because.. it's pretty much just like my days and I am a sarcastic person myself... I totally "get" your humor !!Most people don't get my sarcastic humor and think I am being bitchy.. but whatever I'm just keepin'it REAL!

    tara pollard pakosta

    I come here because of that very reason, to get a real dose of daily life and the humor you ALWAYS add to it. I can see your love for your family despite how hard each day can be and I see you always find the good in everything and i admire that and need it!>


    I read your blog almost everyday when my computer decides to work for me. You are "REAL" and you crack me up girl! You say it like it is and I love that.
    I came across your blog because I knew you designed for Shirley (TSS)back in the day and I love your SB style.



    hahaha, you KNOW why I stick around ;)


    I have to check up on you somehow, girl. And besides, who else could I do to TGIFridays and scam on the hunky waiters with? I like you because you're real, and you challenge me to be a better person. We have faced many of the same situations and still manage to wake up every morning and face another day. And what other friend can I say tried to cop a feel at my baby shower? ;) Love ya girl!


    that should have read "go" to tgif with.... lol and reading that entry back, it makes very little sense. but I'm sure that you understand. And I like you for that too... your ability to understand my inane ramblings.


    Thanks for being so real! I found your blog after reading and loving the Scrapbook Your Faith idea book your contributed too.

    Mindy Pell

    As usual a daily dose of Ruth makes my day start off with a smile! Luvin the new lo of your son, you kids are adorable.

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