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    September 23, 2007



    You looked beautiful and those shoes are amazing! God love your MIL for taking on Miss Mia! ;)


    Happy Birthday! I think you looked absolutely beautiful for the ball. I'm sure your husband was proud to have you on his arm!


    you looked gorgeous! you are always exciting to read! thanks so much for always passing on a smile to me...


    I think your hair looks wonderful...glad you had a fun weekend and yay for grandparents!!!

    laura vegas

    happy birthday ruth! and you two make a gorgeous couple! glad you had a nice evening out together ... i don't think me and my husband have done that in almost a year now. lol!

    Ronda S.

    Happy Birthday! I absolutley LOVE reading your blog!!! Yes I stalk it It is quite possibly my fav to read! I also had a tough time turning 26, I guess I was thinking it was on the latter side of the 20' turning back!!!! Now I will be 29 in a couple doesnt get better! Beautiful pics by the way!

    Tammy H.

    Sizzlin' hot, girlie! You two look so great together. That may be one of the first pictures I've seen on here of the 2 of you. There's usually a kiddo in there. Hooray for gma and gpa's!! Glad you got some time alone.

    Kim Moreno

    You are too cute!!
    Happy Birthday my friend!!


    Awww, you guys look so great! I'm glad you got some time off. Thank heaven for grandparents. oh, and Happy Birthday!

    Julie Hickey

    You two look hot, hot, HOT! I think your hair turned out better than the photo too :)


    Happy Birthday girl!Your hair looked great by the way, it's not easy trying to be a magician when you're just a beautician!Been there done that ;)

    P.S.I have a funny little ditty I put on my blog today I thought you would totally get a kick out of,check it out!

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